Race Resume

In the interest of relevance, this is a list of my mountain bike results since I began mountain bike racing. A comprehensive list of road and cyclocross results is available at the following link: http://www.usacycling.org/results/index.php?compid=256188


I’d raced every year since 2006. I took a season off!


1st- Banana Belt XC

1st (and new course record)- Vapor Trail 125

2nd- Breck 68 Marathon (SS in Open Women’s division)

3rd- Firecracker 50 (SS team in Co-Ed Team division)

1st- Colorado State Championships (SS)

1st- GoPro Games (SS)


1st- Winter Park XC Series- singlespeed (singlespeed winner at all races, outright women’s winner in races 1 and 2 of series)

1st- Beti Bike Bash Singlespeed


2nd- Breck Epic Stage Race- Singlespeed Women

2nd- Firecracker 50 Women’s Duo

1st- Winter Park XC Series Races # 2, 4, and 5

1st- Beti Bike Bash Singlespeed

2nd- Scott Enduro Cup- Expert Women

2nd- 3/14 Land Run 100- Women <39


4th- 10/11 Lula Lake Land Trust 5-points 50

10/2-4 USA Adventure Race Nationals- CoEd Team

1st- 9/14 Arkansas Iron Mountain Enduro- Open Women

9/6-7 Vapor Trail 125

1st- 8/17 Tennessee State Championship XC Pro/1

1st- 8/3 IAM Racing Battle of Nashville P/1/2/3 Criterium

3rd- 5/31 Dirty Kanza 200 (Also received the race’s Sportsmanship Award for assisting an injured rider on course)

1st- 4/26 OGRE 150

1st- 4/6 6 Hours of Warrior Creek- Women Solo

1st- 2/23 Iron Mountain MTB Marathon- Women Open


1st- 9/1 Skool of Hard Nox 50- Women Pro/1

1st- 8/11 Breck Epic Stage Race- Singlespeed Women

6th- 7/6 Marathon National Championship- Singlespeed

1st- 6/16 Tennessee State Championship XC Race- Women Pro/1

5th- 5/26 Trans-Sylvania Stage Race Open Women (Stage 5 winner, Women’s Enduro Winner)

27th- 4/28 Whiskey Off-Road Pro Women 50 Mile

13th- 4/26 Whiskey Off-Road Fat Tire Criterium

1st- 4/20 Slobberknocker Gravel Grinder- Open Women

2nd- 4/7 Ouachita Challenge Open Women

3rd- 1/31 Master’s World Championship Cyclocross- Women 30-34



1st- 10/21 Race to the Canal Cat 1

1st- 9/23 Clear Creek Challenge Cat1

5th Overall NUE Series Open Women

3rd- 9/5- Fool’s Gold 100 Open Women

2nd- Breck Epic Stage Race Singlespeed (Stage Winner- Stages 5 and 6)

4th- 8/4- Pierre’s Hole 50 Open Women

1st- 7/21- Riverside Classic Cat1

1st- 6/24- Stanky Creek XC Cat1

3rd- 6/2- Mohican MTB 100 Open Women

5th- 5/19- Syllamos Revenge 125k Open Women (singlespeed)

7th- 4/28- Cohutta 100 Open Women (singlespeed)

1st- 4/21- Slobberknocker Gravel Grinder Open Women

3rd- 4/1- Ouachita Challenge Open Women

3rd- 3/17- Spa City 6hr Pro Women (singlespeed)

4th- 2/25- Southern Cross Ultracross

3rd- 1/14- Masters Worlds Cyclocross



5th Overall NUE Series Open Women

8th- 9/4- Shenandoah Mountain 100 Open Women (singlespeed)

3rd- 8/20- Fool’s Gold 100 Open Women (singlespeed)

3rd- 7/17- Eureka Springs Fat Tire Fest XC cat 1

1st- 7/16- Eureka Springs Fat Tire Fest Short Track cat 1

3rd- 6/4- Mohican 100 Open Women (singlespeed)

5th- 5/14- Syllamo’s Revenge 125K Open Women (singlespeed)

7th- 4/30- Cohutta 100 Open Women (singlespeed)

1st- 4/3- Ouachita Challenge Open Women

2nd- 3/12 Spa City Extreme 6hr Pro Women

1st- 2/26 Southern Cross



13th- 9/5 – Shenandoah Mountain 100

3rd- 08/21- Fool’s Gold 50 Open Women

16th- 08/14- Ore to Shore Open Women (1st in age group)

4th- 07/25- Off-Road Assault on Mount Mitchell

1st- 07/17 – Breckenridge 100 Women Singlespeed (5th overall woman)

1st- 07/11 – Winter Park Super Downhill Cat 1 20-29 (2nd overall Cat 1)

3rd- 07/05 – USAC Marathon Mountain Bike Nationals- Open Singlespeed

4th- 05/15 – Dirt Sweat & Gears Ultra Endurance Pro Women

2nd- 05/02- Syllamo’s Revenge 50

11th – 04/24- Cohutta 100

4th- 03/24- Ouachita Challenge MTB Race Open Women

2nd- 02/27 – Spa City Extreme 6 Hour MTB Classic Pro Women



2nd- 11/14- Lock 4 Six Hour Challenge Sport/Expert Female

1st- 09/20 – Clear Creek Challenge Cross Country Cat 2

2nd – 08/15 – Fool’s Gold 50 Endurance Race

1st- 07/19 – Eureka Spring Fat Tire Festival Cross Country Cat 2

1st- 05/17 – Monkey Grinder MTB Race Cross Country Cat 2

2nd- 5/09 – Dirt, Sweat, and Gears Solo Amateur Female

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  1. Breck Epic is one of my favorites for sure! The Whiskey 50 was alright, too, but didn’t have the same “awe” factor as Breck.

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