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In the interest of relevance, this is a list of my mountain bike results since I began mountain bike racing. A comprehensive list of road and cyclocross results is available at the following link: http://www.usacycling.org/results/index.php?compid=256188


I’d raced every year since 2006. I took a season off!


1st- Banana Belt XC

1st (and new course record)- Vapor Trail 125

2nd- Breck 68 Marathon (SS in Open Women’s division)

3rd- Firecracker 50 (SS team in Co-Ed Team division)

1st- Colorado State Championships (SS)

1st- GoPro Games (SS)


1st- Winter Park XC Series- singlespeed (singlespeed winner at all races, outright women’s winner in races 1 and 2 of series)

1st- Beti Bike Bash Singlespeed


2nd- Breck Epic Stage Race- Singlespeed Women

2nd- Firecracker 50 Women’s Duo

1st- Winter Park XC Series Races # 2, 4, and 5

1st- Beti Bike Bash Singlespeed

2nd- Scott Enduro Cup- Expert Women

2nd- 3/14 Land Run 100- Women <39


4th- 10/11 Lula Lake Land Trust 5-points 50

10/2-4 USA Adventure Race Nationals- CoEd Team

1st- 9/14 Arkansas Iron Mountain Enduro- Open Women

9/6-7 Vapor Trail 125

1st- 8/17 Tennessee State Championship XC Pro/1

1st- 8/3 IAM Racing Battle of Nashville P/1/2/3 Criterium

3rd- 5/31 Dirty Kanza 200 (Also received the race’s Sportsmanship Award for assisting an injured rider on course)

1st- 4/26 OGRE 150

1st- 4/6 6 Hours of Warrior Creek- Women Solo

1st- 2/23 Iron Mountain MTB Marathon- Women Open


1st- 9/1 Skool of Hard Nox 50- Women Pro/1

1st- 8/11 Breck Epic Stage Race- Singlespeed Women

6th- 7/6 Marathon National Championship- Singlespeed

1st- 6/16 Tennessee State Championship XC Race- Women Pro/1

5th- 5/26 Trans-Sylvania Stage Race Open Women (Stage 5 winner, Women’s Enduro Winner)

27th- 4/28 Whiskey Off-Road Pro Women 50 Mile

13th- 4/26 Whiskey Off-Road Fat Tire Criterium

1st- 4/20 Slobberknocker Gravel Grinder- Open Women

2nd- 4/7 Ouachita Challenge Open Women

3rd- 1/31 Master’s World Championship Cyclocross- Women 30-34



1st- 10/21 Race to the Canal Cat 1

1st- 9/23 Clear Creek Challenge Cat1

5th Overall NUE Series Open Women

3rd- 9/5- Fool’s Gold 100 Open Women

2nd- Breck Epic Stage Race Singlespeed (Stage Winner- Stages 5 and 6)

4th- 8/4- Pierre’s Hole 50 Open Women

1st- 7/21- Riverside Classic Cat1

1st- 6/24- Stanky Creek XC Cat1

3rd- 6/2- Mohican MTB 100 Open Women

5th- 5/19- Syllamos Revenge 125k Open Women (singlespeed)

7th- 4/28- Cohutta 100 Open Women (singlespeed)

1st- 4/21- Slobberknocker Gravel Grinder Open Women

3rd- 4/1- Ouachita Challenge Open Women

3rd- 3/17- Spa City 6hr Pro Women (singlespeed)

4th- 2/25- Southern Cross Ultracross

3rd- 1/14- Masters Worlds Cyclocross



5th Overall NUE Series Open Women

8th- 9/4- Shenandoah Mountain 100 Open Women (singlespeed)

3rd- 8/20- Fool’s Gold 100 Open Women (singlespeed)

3rd- 7/17- Eureka Springs Fat Tire Fest XC cat 1

1st- 7/16- Eureka Springs Fat Tire Fest Short Track cat 1

3rd- 6/4- Mohican 100 Open Women (singlespeed)

5th- 5/14- Syllamo’s Revenge 125K Open Women (singlespeed)

7th- 4/30- Cohutta 100 Open Women (singlespeed)

1st- 4/3- Ouachita Challenge Open Women

2nd- 3/12 Spa City Extreme 6hr Pro Women

1st- 2/26 Southern Cross



13th- 9/5 – Shenandoah Mountain 100

3rd- 08/21- Fool’s Gold 50 Open Women

16th- 08/14- Ore to Shore Open Women (1st in age group)

4th- 07/25- Off-Road Assault on Mount Mitchell

1st- 07/17 – Breckenridge 100 Women Singlespeed (5th overall woman)

1st- 07/11 – Winter Park Super Downhill Cat 1 20-29 (2nd overall Cat 1)

3rd- 07/05 – USAC Marathon Mountain Bike Nationals- Open Singlespeed

4th- 05/15 – Dirt Sweat & Gears Ultra Endurance Pro Women

2nd- 05/02- Syllamo’s Revenge 50

11th – 04/24- Cohutta 100

4th- 03/24- Ouachita Challenge MTB Race Open Women

2nd- 02/27 – Spa City Extreme 6 Hour MTB Classic Pro Women



2nd- 11/14- Lock 4 Six Hour Challenge Sport/Expert Female

1st- 09/20 – Clear Creek Challenge Cross Country Cat 2

2nd – 08/15 – Fool’s Gold 50 Endurance Race

1st- 07/19 – Eureka Spring Fat Tire Festival Cross Country Cat 2

1st- 05/17 – Monkey Grinder MTB Race Cross Country Cat 2

2nd- 5/09 – Dirt, Sweat, and Gears Solo Amateur Female

3 thoughts on “Race Resume

  1. Breck Epic is one of my favorites for sure! The Whiskey 50 was alright, too, but didn’t have the same “awe” factor as Breck.

  2. The Dirty Kanza, 200 Sportsmanship Award in 2014, has to be among your top accomplishments. You stopped for several minutes to aid an injured man and waited until the medics arrived. Fortunately, you were still able to maintain your place in the race by pure determination. You were so dehydrated, warn out, and “dirty” from head to toe that I failed to recognize you coming across the finish line. You also were nauseated to the point that you couldn’t drink or eat until the next day.
    In addition to the 2 awards you listed, believe you also won 1st place in your age group.
    The awards presenter called you name 3 times and gave you special recognition for the Sportsmanship Award. You had more stage time than any other individual in the race.

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