Beat the Freak Cyclocross #3 and #4

Traveled back to Fayetteville, TN over the weekend for some more cyclocross action.

Once again, on Saturday, conditions were not perfect. Some would call it typical Belgian Cyclocross weather- mud, temps in the mid 40’s, damp air, and wind. OK, so some people call this perfect cyclocross weather. I guess it could be much worse…

I lined up with a small group of Cat 3 men (including Ryan). No other women showed up for the 1/2/3 race, so I figured I’d test my legs against the guys. I ended up doing pretty well- Ryan won, and I finished 3rd- only about 10 seconds back from a guy that I tried my damnedest to pull back for the last 4 laps of the race. It would have been cool for us to get a 1-2, but I still turned in some good lap times and felt like I’d left everything out on the course.

Sunday was a gorgeous day. The skies cleared, temps were in the 50s, and the ground dried out a little bit. The course was nice, too- only one set of barriers! Ryan had upgraded overnight, so I raced against 3 other guys. I was hoping that the guy I’d almost beaten on Saturday would show up for round #2, but he was absent. Two of the guys were overnight 4-3 upgrades, so I had no idea how I’d fare against them. I had a couple of changes I wanted to make to my strategy- I decided I’d try to spin less, and I wanted to use a different “lifting” form with my bike over the barriers.

Both things made me a little bit faster- the bigger gear got my heart rate down a little, and lifting the bike so that I was flicking the wheels out to the side meant that I didn’t have to lift/jump as high over the barriers. That will be a nice skill to remember whenever I have a barrier to hop w/out much traffic around :) Even with my best effort, I still only managed a 3rd place. Once again, though, it was a hard-fought 3rd. I was dead by the time I finished!

Hopefully I can put that type of effort out next weekend @ the USGP race in Louisville. I’ll be testing the legs out against a much bigger group than what I’m used to, so it should be interesting.

Tonight- more Cyclocrunk!!!!

2 thoughts on “Beat the Freak Cyclocross #3 and #4

  1. Andrea,
    Great job at Freaks this weekend.

    Here’s the link to the shoe driers I won at cross the way that you asked about. Not sure about the odor claims (my shoes are still newish) but the fast drying is no joke. Like I said Saturdays rain and leaving them in the car overnight (which frosted over) had them dry in the am.

  2. the forarm on the saddle and the bike kicked out to the side is what katie compton was teaching the girls at the clinic in cincy a couple weekends ago. great for shorter people and is used as a blocking tactics in europe. 40cm barriers (uci legal) seems tall. the first day i was bouncing wheels off barriers when jumping, until i started doing it this way. kona guys (treborn and wicks) didn’t even break stride over barriers. i think that was there normal step.

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