Last night I went to the RB’s group ride (which, BTW, is covered up in noobsauce and triathletes now). I rode there, into a slight headwind, and my legs felt as if they’d finally relented to not taking a break following the MSGP weekend. I was also feeling a bit loopy, which resulted in my having a conversation with my legs in LOL-speak

At first I was like, ” Ok, legs, let’s get up this hill, we need to get to the group ride!” and my legs were all like, “ROFLCHOPTER!!!”

Then I arrived at RB’s. The ride started, and I wasn’t sure what to expect…

At first I was like, “I can haz triathlete hill attack?” and my legs were like, “Oh, Hai! We were JK!” Then I was all like, “OMG! K THX!!”

Then I stayed off the front for a few miles, got bored and sat up, then attacked the triathletes again when they got bitchy and wanted me to pull 30 seconds after they’d just caught me. Luckily Yoshi was there to play, too.

In other news, I thought of a Haiku while I was driving yesterday:

Windows are rolled down
Three 6 Mafia turned up
Summer in Memphis.

Maybe it’s time to take a rest day.

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