For Sale: Trek Madone 6.5 Project One- 52cm

So, I got an M-B team bike a couple of months ago. As you may have noticed from the TDL photos, I’m not riding it. Turns out, even though it weighs a couple of pounds more and isn’t nearly as good looking, I really, really like my 2008 BH Connect. Turns out, I’m an uber-picky bike snob.

As a result, I am trying to sell the Trek. It’s a gorgeous bike, and everyone loves them, but I just don’t like it as much as the BH. Kitted out in SRAM Red and RXL Clinchers, it’s in the 14 pound range.

Other stuff: it’s got 172.5mm cranks, 40cm wide bars (FSA Compacts), 105mm stem, “performance” fit geometry, and very few signs of wear (a very faint scratch on the top tube, and one on the seatmast from the seatpost clamp). I rode different wheels/tires on it (for the entire 2 months that I rode it), so those have almost no wear at all.

Here’s the geometry chart: Madone Geometry

Asking price is $4900. If you need it shipped, that’ll be $100 extra.

Here is a gallery of photos:

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  1. If u r interested in $2500 for the bike let me know. I know it’s a low offer. Best I can do.

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