Will it make me faster?

Triathletes may be the most notorious for trying to “buy speed,” but I’m trying to break the stereotype by placing a bid on this gorgeous gem: Dave Weins Bagel from Leadville

Between the trading of a full-time teaching paycheck for a part-time bike-shop paycheck and employing someone to tell me how often and how hard I should ride my bike (a.k.a. “The Wizard”), I’m having to budget my funds wisely, so I only bid $25. If that wins, I’m planning on eating the bagel and posting multiple photos right here on my blog.

Supposedly, the bagel has magical power-increasing capabilities, so I’m guessing I’ll be out-bid by some triathlete or something (the money also goes to a local trail fund, so this auction would be very tempting to an x-terra triathlete) who wants to get the same magical FTP boost that this bagel promises to bring to its new owner.

EDIT: Damn, I went out for a 2 hr ride, and now it’s up to 10 bids and $45.44. Well, if any of you have spare money and want to see me eat Dave Weins’ bagel, feel free to put in a bid and send it my way.

4 thoughts on “Will it make me faster?

  1. I skipped the race season to save money, so I’m not much help. However, I do have a question of sorts for you. Where did you get your tattoo work? I have a friend looking to get inked and I figure you would know the best place in Memphis.

  2. No Regrets Tattoo is the best place, hands down. I go to Joe Stamp, but all of the artists are great- tell your friend to go look at portfolios and choose one based on the style he/she likes best.

  3. Thanks a million. I’ll pass along the info. I have a feeling she will go with Ben because of the color work.

  4. Brilliant. Maybe you can bum a cookie or something off Jeremiah if the bagel thing doesn’t work out.

    You’re not teaching anymore?

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