Forked Up

I took the fork apart to survey the damage… It’s not looking so good. The seals were probably a little worn out to begin with, and the gritty liquid mud soaked into the foam wipers underneath them and leaked further down into the lowers. This wreaked a bit of havoc on the uppers during the course of the race…




So, I cleaned everything out, replaced the old seals with some fresh ones, and added some fresh oil to the lowers before sliding them back in place and airing everything up (and played around with the timer on the camera)



Hopefully the damage isn’t so bad that they start leaking air, but it’ll be a few days before my replacement brake pads come in, and I can take it out for a test ride. Initial hopping around in the garage tests seem good. I just need it to last until December…

2 thoughts on “Forked Up

  1. Whoa! It’s a good thing you know your way around a shop. Thanks for reminding my why I don’t do mud races anymore. Cha-Ching!

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