Un-Lazy Sunday

I don’t remember the last time I worked this hard on a Sunday-

This morning, I drove out to Shelby Forest for a hellacious interval workout that I’ve dubbed “8 minutes in Heaven.” You essentially start out at a tempo effort and increase the effort every minute. By minute 8, you hit your max heart rate, and you have various strings of drool and snot plastered to the side of your face (that means you’re doin’ it right). Rest eight minutes and repeat two more times.
I’ve found a nice, perfectly flat stretch of road out in Shelby Forest State Park (a gorgeous old growth oak forest along the Mississippi River) that rides like a trainer, except without the boredom. I took a few photos, but since my camera had been in my pocket during the sweatfest, the lens was a bit foggy-





After getting home & having a bit of lunch, Matt and I met back up for the (not-so)Â top secret project (Eric stopped by after a while, too, bringing gifts of New Belgium beer). We arranged some dirt into neatly shaped piles until sunset, then called it a day. Mmm… Labor.



3 thoughts on “Un-Lazy Sunday

  1. Pump track in the back yard eh???!!! AWESOME! Charge a fee for playing, become rich, get on the cover of People Mag., buy your friend Lauren anything she wants:) hahahahah!!!!

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