Still not training

I’m still in a brief recovery period- I haven’t been totally off of the bike, but I’m generally just going out and screwing around whenever I feel the urge. While I’m incredibly excited to start training and racing my 2012 season, I haven’t quite reached the throes of recovery where I’m restlessly checking my training schedule in hopes that Coach has decided that it’s time to get back to work. It will happen soon, though. I’ve got a lot of work to do before Southern Cross in less than a month.

Yes, though I was questioning as to whether or not I’d race it this year because of the race’s close proximity to Worlds, I feel as though I’ve got a bit of pent up frustration due to the amount of work put in to gain fitness for the race followed by the anticlimactic nature of mechanicaling myself out of the lead group in the first lap. Southern Cross will be more than the usual suspects this year since it’s part of a larger “ultra cross” series comprised of mostly East-Coast gravel grinders. I’m not expecting to win, though I do plan on using Selene Yeager’s wheel to destroy every fiber of my being.

Before that, I’ve got training camp 2012 at Syllamo. Given the amount of volume I haven’t done this winter and the all-day nature of training at the cabin, it will be both painful and rewarding.

Other random, impending happenings? Looks like I’m going to take up yoga starting this weekend.


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  1. Meet me out at Herb Parson this weekend and help me flag some drops on the new loop. It will be great recovery therapy. (Better than Yoga) And as I promised you a couple of years ago I’ll teach you how to use a chain saw.

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