Show of hands…

How many of you have been around here since the blog beginning?

The Kenda road team days?

How about back during my short stint on the Metro Volkswagen team followed shortly after by a nervous breakdown which led me to mountain biking?

My first 100?  (You know… the Cohutta ’10 with all the rain and thunder?)

My first road trip to Colorado? Second?

Just started reading today?


How about that time that I decided I’d quit working my “normal” job in the bike shop and dedicate most of my free time to racing and training in an attempt to become a professional cyclist?




Wait, what?


10 thoughts on “Show of hands…

  1. I would say probably around the ‘nervous breakdown which led me to mountain biking’ phase. I had was researching something about mountain biking and your blog came up.

  2. Since you appeared randomly on some Alabama website that mentioned brickhouse…a long long time ago, probably Kenda days but definately pre-VW days. And no, not from ‘Bama. Hoping this doesn’t make me a stalker…….

  3. I started reading your blog post “road racing breakdown”.
    So you must have found a sponsor, (I hope).

  4. Its been a while. I hope this works out for you. You’re one of my favorite internet “friends” who doesn’t come around the old place too much anymore.

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