Recovery Week

Life has been turned down to a dull roar since 6 Hours of Warrior Creek. I’ve been recovering- much better, I might add, than I have in the past from racing Ouachita Challenge, which is ALWAYS the same weekend. I was feeling prettymuch back to normal by around Wednesday. The most exciting thing for me? My “winner’s interview” was posted on the Trans-Sylvania Epic facebook page.

Matt, on the other hand, was feeling more than back to normal, and raced the local training series crit…


He was 2nd in the race, but a winner in the “how to not look like a cat 4 on the podium” contest.

All of this resting has given me lots of time to get impatient about waiting for my mountain bike to get here…

Andrea_1 Andrea_2

Its arrival should happen sometime next week… which lands it right in the middle of a gargantuan training camp week that coach Andy has requested of me. I’ve got a very loose, weather and bike shipping-based plan to go on a grand tour of Arkansas. Normally, I’d just let it sit and ride the bike I’ve been using successfully for the past two years. However, because of the relatively close proximity of the Ogre 150 and DK200 races- both of which I plan on doing on the new bike, I want to get home and get it built ASAP.

So, I’ll end up kicking off the Arkansas Epic in somewhat familiar territory- riding from home, over the Mississippi River, and finding gravel on Saturday, then driving over to Syllamo early in the week to train until I get an exact arrival time on the new machine. At that point, I’ll come home, take a rest day to build, then head back out for places like (in no particular order) Lake Sylvia, the Ouachita/Womble/LOViT area, Eagle Rock, and possibly up to North West Arkansas to explore trails and gravel that I’ve only heard about on the internet.

It should be a fun, quasi-spontaneous adventure, hopefully resulting in killer fitness and a good story or two.


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  1. If you make it up to NWA you need to be sure to check out Mt. Kessler! It’s very rocky like Syllamo, but is less talked about than the other trails up here.

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