Am I Crazy?

Ok, don’t answer that… I think that “crazy” is a reletive term, and, when you’re talking about me, I think this is one of my more tame ideas.

I was planning on hitting up the Trek demo day on April 18th & 19th because I’m MTB shopping. However, I’ve prettymuch got my sights set on purchsing a Niner Jet 9 frame, so the demo day isn’t really needed.

So, what to do that weekend?? How about the Ouachita Trail 50k? (FYI- 50k = just over 31 miles)

Sure, the longest run I’ve done so far this year is 8.5 miles, but I do plan on running 10ish on Saturday, and I can definately head out to Shelby Forest for a 25K the weekend after this one. The longest run I’d done before my first 50k was a mere 14 miles, and I still came in sub 6:00, and, even though I could barely find my tent afterwards and had some pretty severe GI upset, I was generally none worse for wear. I am more fit now than I was then, so yeah, I think I’m gonna go for the 50k.

If I were really cool, I’d camp out another night at Lake Sylvia and do some fire road running the morning after. Something tells me I’ll be a little bit wrecked, though. I’ll probably just go home and ride my bike 70 miles on Sunday…

4 thoughts on “Am I Crazy?

  1. My longest run to date is a hair over 6 miles. I just figured why run when I can ride a bike.

    The Jet 9 is a wicked machine. I was leaning heavily toward getting one before I came across the Moots XZ 29er. Anyway, you’ll love the jet-09. Put some SRAM XO on it and Mavic wheels. :) Totally RAD!

  2. I think you will like the Niner Jet9. Sorry not a Trek fan and sure as hell not a LeMond Fan at all. Ok I have put my 2 cents worth in for the week. Have a wonderful day.

  3. Hey Andrea,

    I got your post. I am planning on running the AT100 again this year. I know one other of the Memphis Ultra crew will be joining me. I am trying to convince one other person to go also. We try to meet up on Wednesday night at the Wolf River Trails and on the weekends for our runs. Most of the time during the week I just run alone. Let me know if you want to run. Just drop me an email at I know this is short notice but we are running tomorrow morning at 8:00 from the yellow trail at Germantown Road.

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