Day 23- Back to Breck

I can’t lie- I was sad to leave Leadville. It’s a gorgeous, awesome place with a lot of great people. However, I’d already reserved my spot in Breck, and wasn’t able to change it. So, I packed up and headed north.

I was in town too early for check-in, so I did a little grocery shopping, visited the liquor store to pick up some local brews, had a picnic lunch in Carter Park, and wandered around town a little bit. I wanted to ride the pump track, but there were a bunch of kids/parents all over it, and I didn’t want to get shown up by an 8 year old, so I nixed that plan. When I finally checked in, not much was going on. Too early for dinner, no one to socialize with… I was bored.

(for the first time since I left Memphis a little over 3 weeks ago)

Eventually, I went to dinner @ the Breckenridge Brewery. I love how nearly every place in town has multiple vegetarian options. The vanilla porter was delicious, too. The remainder of the night at the hostel was quiet. I watched the Tour replay and had another vanilla porter. Renshaw is a courageous leadout man. Sucks he got DQ’d for keeping Dean from getting on Cav’s line.

2 thoughts on “Day 23- Back to Breck

  1. I don’t think it was the headbutt so much that got him DQ’d, but moving off his line in violation of the rules and almost forcing Farrar into the barriers. Julian is lucky he didn’t get the boot for tossing elbows to start with. Awesome sprint finish, though.

  2. I just got back from Colorado myself and that Vanilla Porter from the Breckenridge Brewery was amazing! Actually, I think just about everything I had from that brewery (bottles) was outstanding. Colorado Beer >>> Tennessee Beer. Only beer that surpassed it was a beer from the Phantom Canyon Brewery in Colorado Springs that used standard malt with a Hefeweizen yeast whose name I never could pronounce and now cant remember. If you are still out there, the Phantom Canyon Brewery had outstanding food as well.

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