Breck Epic- Stage 1

Ok, so I haven’t said much since Dolores, and I DO have some fun photos and stuff from the couple of pre-race days in Breck, but I figured I’d post real quick about yesterday’s stage since I’ve got a few minutes before I have to get to stage 2 this morning.

First off, I have Matt here with me, which has already made life soooo much easier. I can come in and drop bottles in the sink, and by the time I get out of the shower, the bottles are clean and refilled, and the condo smells like lunch. He’s also on drop bag duty, so he’s been riding my drop bags down to race HQ every morning at 7:30am while I sit around and drink coffee. As I type, he’s giving my bike a once-over and making sure it’s ready for today.

Yesterday’s stage was tough (ok, they all are, but that one’s a hair gnarlier because of the French Gulch climb in the middle). As I mentioned previously, I’m going with a lower gear this year (32×22) than I did last year (32×21). The combination of better fitness and gearing means that I’m riding a lot more and walking a lot less. The combination of riding more/hiking less means that I’m going faster overall…



Yeah, it’s only two of us in the category, but, the stats that make it really awesome include coming in with a time of 4hrs, 10min… ~30min after the first open woman (same as what Dax, the lead male SSer did vs. the open men), and 40 minutes faster than last year.

I couldn’t have had a better first day. My pacing and nutrition was spot-on, my legs felt great, and, I ended up with nearly an hour on 2nd place. The only “downside” to my day was the enduro classification- between having fork problems, being on a low gear, and not quite being acclimated to the speed of the descents out here, I’m likely to be waaaay down in the women’s standings. Luckily, today, the fork issues are solved- the SRAM neutral support guys replaces my old dual air SID World Cup fork with a brand freakin’ new soloair SID World Cup. Holy awesome.

I gotta go ride now…

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