Weekend Excitement!

I’m getting geared up for the upcoming Burns Park Adventure Race Clinic on Saturday. I’m hoping to learn a lot- especially from the “mountain bike skills” portion of the clinic since my tech-riding skills are pretty lame right now.

I plan on camping out Saturday night. Where? I’m not quite sure yet. I was planning on venturing out to the Womble trail, but I’m wondering if my time would be better spent making the much shorter drive out to Lake Sylvia and riding the more familiar forest roads in that area. For one thing, I would have time to get in a run (stop by Pinnacle again maybe?) or ride before driving to west Little Rock for dinner (as opposed to cooking on a campfire). It would probably be better for me as far as conditioning goes since I’m planning on entering the Dirt Sweat and Gears 12 hour in a few weeks. I can also engineer my ride so that I make different loops from the campground, which would allow me to do a “self supported” 5 or 6 hour ride rather than trying to pack all at once for a day’s worth of riding into the wilderness.

What do my readers think? Womble? Ouachita? Sylvia? I’m so conflicted…

Oh yeah- before you answer, just know that I’m going to have all summer to go out that way for other adventures…

3 thoughts on “Weekend Excitement!

  1. I hope you’re not thinkng about doing DSG solo!

    Check into doing Syllamo’s Revenge in Mountain View, Arkansas. I’ve seen several spots open up as of late. Go over to the MST board.

    Have you considered riding the Clear Creek trail in Oxford? A lot of Memphis people make the trip down and the trail is killer!

  2. Thinking about it? I’ve decided on it!
    I’m sure I’ll make my way down to Oxford eventually :)

  3. Start sweet talking Ryan so he can run your pit if you are seriously doing 12-hours solo. That is a serious undertaking that requires lots of planning and a good support crew.

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