Afternoon in the Ouachitas

This morning, I left behind Ryan (who was on his way to Tulsa Tough) to go to Lake Sylvia for some forest road MTBing and a bit of trail running tomorrow morning. I ended up setting up camp and rolling out around 2:00.

I had my Garmin 205 with me, so it’s easy to describe my ride today in objective terms: ~35 miles, 9.9 mph average speed, 8844ft of climbing, 3.5hours rolling time.

I can’t really describe it otherwise. Beautiful is an understatement. Here are some photos:

North Fork Saline River






Remove shoes/socks, wade through thigh-deep creek, stop for a snack on the other side while feet dry off...

I've passed this overlook "road" many times, but never ventured up until today

The ride up made the view at the top even more excellent


Can I stay here forever?

3 thoughts on “Afternoon in the Ouachitas

  1. Schweet. I’m missing the Ouchitas… might drive over to the OK side for some road climbs on Sunday.

  2. road rides are cool and scenic. you get to see lots of cool things built by man….but once you get 30+ miles back into the woods and see what nature built….it doesn’t even compare!!! great pics!

  3. how on earth did you ever get that bike clean? strip the entire thing down and build it back up? maybe you just bought a new frame.

    still thinking of goin sram XX? wonder how it works as a 1×10.

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