Please… just 4 more hours…

Yesterday’s “Cat Smacker” run was tough- 7200 feet of elevation gain in about 20.5 miles. I was happy to run it in just over 4 hours.

So, with approximately 8 hours of the Ouachitas in my legs over the past two days, I’m pretty beat today. Time to wrap the weekend up with a 70 mile bike ride. My legs are protesting this descision. I told them that if they just get me through it, I promise they’ll get an ice bath when we get home.

Not only did they give me 70 more miles, they gave me a kickass sprint at the end of Watkins mid-ride. Thank you, legs!

3 thoughts on “Please… just 4 more hours…

  1. In garmin training center it lists it as 7,206 feet total ascent. Made sense to me because for my 35 mile ride through a lot of the same area the day before, it says 8,844 feet.

  2. Motionbased uses some sort of smoothing algorithm, the Garmin is using barometric pressure. Neither are particularly accurate and the real “climbing” is probably somewhere in between. Regardless, it’s tough no matter which number you attach to it.

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