Rescue Kitty

Today I brought home what will hopefully be a new member of the fur family. She is from Kitties for Keeps and was rescued when the head of the rescue saw her get tossed out of the side door of a van in a school zone one morning. She was given the name “Mishka” when they saw a Law & Order episode where the Russian mob threw a guy named Mishka out of a van.

Since she’s not Russian or male, I plan to re-name her. That is, if the dogs get used to her. Right now, they’re a little freaked out. She’s not too concerned as long as she’s on the other side of the baby gate from them, but otherwise she’s hissing & slapping them when they get too close.

Right now, I’m calling her Chunk, because she’s got a little cat head & tail, but a fat belly:





One thought on “Rescue Kitty

  1. How cute!!!!! Good for you Andrea:) I love cats, dogs, heck ANY animal!:) Hope she works out

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