I want to go to there…

I want to do this:

Anyone know of a bike/ski hill in the Greater Memphis area that I can use???

Edited to add: Here, too! (thanks to reader “notthedroids” for the link!)

I’m dead serious when I say I was being retarded and trying to do the same thing on a 3″ travel bike w/no protective gear other than a helmet. I can’t even imagine the fun I’d have on one of those beastly DH rigs and some proper body coverage other than “spandex.”

5 thoughts on “I want to go to there…

  1. Umm I think there is a down hill course over in Mena, AR, and fayetteville,AR…. You really don’t have the bike for this… :-( lower the seat down a lot..
    I have raced the Mammoth Kamikaze course back in the early to mid 90’s and had a blast..

  2. Yeah- but I was having a lot of fun just a few second before that happened, and I want to do it again (without the whole wrecking/almost dieing part)

    If I ever live near a DH course, you can bet I’ll be getting a bike for it!

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