Air9 coming soon…

Eventually, at least. Jens arrived at Niner for disassembly and destruction yesterday. The Air9 should ship out sometime this week and arrive a week after the ship date. I figured since I’ll eventually end up with two frames that I’d go ahead & purchase a few new parts for the Air build. SO… here’s the list:

SRAM X.0 Grip Shifters
Speen Umlenker (converts bottom pull FD into top pull)
Blackspire 24t and 36t chainrings
Middleburn 6mm chainring bolts (red)
Easton Monkey Lite Carbon low-rise bars
Thompson 31.8mm x 410mm setback seatpost
Still need a new cassette & chain… waiting to snipe those on flEbay

I’ll post some photos once I get motivated enough to get the camera out. I’m hoping to have somewhat of a light build. The next big purchase will likely be a set of Stan’s ZTR Race wheels. Stay tuned…

6 thoughts on “Air9 coming soon…

  1. being able to trim the front der is great with grip shift. can’t remember the last time i couldn’t get it to downshift or up shift cause you just twist it one or two more positions…..none of the push button and click click click click click stuff. good choice! i’ve seen a few bikes set up with grip shift on the front and trigers set up on the back for this reason.

  2. Blackspire makes a 40T front ring might be heavier (I think it’s a DH ring), but good range for a 2×9 setup, that’s what I’m using currently.

  3. I’ve never had much luck with grip shift in the past, but I’m sure the newer stuff is better now.

    I like being able to brake and shift at the same time with my Sram XO setup, so it all boils down to personal preference.

    I guess anything that saves a gram or two is a good thing. :)

  4. If I could make love to a bike part it would my Thomson seatpost. Why am I ever so stupid that I get anything but a Thomson? I needed some setback on my road bike so I took off the Thomson zero setback and put on a Ritchey WCS that was lying around. GAH!! I hate other posts. Get the tilt just right, tighten and the nose goes up. Need to move the saddle back, but it also slips with the nose down. DRATS!!!!

    Tilting saddle on a Thomson? Loosen one screw half a turn, tighten opposing screw half a turn. Why is everything in life not this easy?

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