Change of Plans

So, apparently, the Mohican 100 was a little tougher on my equipment than I’d originally thought…


Yep. Cracked chainstay. I found it Wednesday morning and immediately got in touch with the guys at Niner. Luckily, they’re pretty damn awesome when it comes to customer service. Drew immediately sent a shipping label to me- no questions asked. I stripped my beloved and broken Air9 down and packed it in to the Jet9 box that was still around from a few weeks ago (my cat loved playing in it, so I held on to it!) Goodbye, Sexxxy Cowboy…


However, the only issue was that they were fresh out of Small Air9 frames… for at least 2 more weeks. This posed a problem. See, I’ve been scheming up a grand trip out West. I’ll be leaving sometime around the 23rd and heading up into New Mexico, Arizona, and Colorado in preparation for Marathon Nationals and the Breckenridge 100. Of course, I’ll be updating as I go, but for safety & all, I’m not going to post a full-on itinerary.

I digress.

So, I told Drew that when the frames came in that he’d have to call me and I’d let him know where to ship the replacement. I was a little stressed out. I’d have to be in an actual house, have access to tools (or a shop), and that’s IF the frames came in when expected. Ugh.

Don’t fear, though. You see, I’ve got a bit of a lucky streak (runs right next to my mean streak). Turns out, through a couple of phone calls and a tiny bit of string pulling, I’ll be getting a One9 frame sometime next week. Atomic Blue, one gear, and no derailleurs to break. I can’t get over how great the Niner guys are when it comes to keeping their customers happy. They’ve been nothing but helpful.

I’ve still got the Jet9 around if I want gears, but if everything goes as planned, I’ll be riding in the Open Women’s Solo SS category at Marathon Nationals. For now, I’ve got to go pin some numbers for Tour de Louisiane and a little road racing action…

One thought on “Change of Plans

  1. I’m in the hunt for a hard trail 29er for next race season. I plan on getting back into it after taking the season off to save a little money. Anyway, I’d like another Moots, but that’s not going to happen ($$$$). I’m looking hard at Niner. It’s good to know their customer service is so good.

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