Quick(ish) Race Report

I can’t get quite in to the detail that I normally do since I’m trying to wrap up packing for a month long trip out West for some training and racing, but here’s a bit of a rundown on the Memphis Velo/Smith & Nephew Grand Prix…

Thursday morning, I woke up feeling kinda cruddy. My head hurt, and I generally felt tired. As the day progressed, I kept feeling worse, and ended up with a sore throat and fever that lasted through friday night. So, even though I’d had every intention of racing with my team Saturday morning, I decided to skip the road race in order to keep recovering from whatever bug had struck me down.

The race itself had a great turnout (as far as women’s races are concerned). 31 ladies signed up for the omnium, including Debbie Milne, who also registered (and raced) in the men’s P/1/2 race. Spoiler alert- she won all three of the women’s omnium events, and held her own in the men’s races. M-B fielded 6 total (though only 4 completed all 3 events).

Saturday afternoon (after pacing around the house all day like a hungry tiger at the zoo), I mustered the energy to head to Germantown for the short, painful time trial. I didn’t feel great, but I still managed to pull off a 3rd place finish behind Debbie and my teammate Marda. Even though I had some issues with chest & throat congestion, I was glad to get out and open my leg muscles a bit.

Sunday morning, I wasn’t very sure how I’d feel. I was rested, but also still not quite feeling like myself. Given the results of the RR and TT, my position was of workhorse. Job #1 was to mark several riders who were placed well in the overall points. If they tried to escape, I was to chase and be absolutely unhelpful in their efforts to get away.


Job #2 was to try and get Marda and Kat up the road. After nearly spacing out halfway through the race, I remembered them. I attacked, looking for one of them to counter. Alas, Kat tried a couple of times. I knew I didn’t have much left, so with 1 lap to go, I went for broke with an all out effort that left me close to passing out on the back side of the course. I’m not sure exactly what happened after that, but Marda ended up 3rd, and the others were up high enough in the placings to end up 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in the Overall placing. Generally a sucess, I’d like to think.

This week, I’ve been trying to prep to leave town. I’ll be heading to Cimarron, Dolores, Breckenridge, Winter Park, and lord only knows where else. I’ll be gone ’til mid-july. Today was a good One9 shakedown at Clear Creek. That bike freaking ROCKS. I love SS… I even bought some fun socks to celebrate.

Keep watching for some awesome road trip adventures.

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