Glen Danzig Appreciation Post

Recently, I took Ryan’s old iPhone (he got a new one), and have been using it as an iPod touch. I’ve been on quite a Danzig kick lately.

I had no idea who Glen Danzig was the first time I saw the “Mother” video on MTV. It was way past my bedtime on a Saturday night- I’d stayed up late despite knowing that my parents were going to drag me off to early church in the morning, when, all of a sudden, there was this gorgeous, sweaty, shirtless man on my television singing about Hell and how he was going to help me find it. Instant crush.

I think I had recently removed a poster of Joey from NKOTB from my wall.

Fast forward many years. I discover the Misfits and all other sorts of awesome music. Danzig remains one of my favorites, though. I’ve heard that he’s even signed the wall at Graceland. I’ve always been tempted to go try to find out for myself. Still have a crush.

2 thoughts on “Glen Danzig Appreciation Post

  1. pump track pix.

    also, since bikesnob is on vacation, you and Tilford are getting all my blogular attention.

  2. Steve Tilford? I’ve had a grudge against him ever since I watched the 2007 CX Natz Video where he said that the pro women were putting out half of the power as the men.

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