Time for the final 100 miler of the season- the Shenandoah Mountain 100. Late last week, the Hurricane Forecast gave me tingles when I saw the prediction for landfall in Virginia about the same time as the race. It’s since been updated, though, and now, this is the forecast:


Is it wrong to feel a slight twinge of disappointment? I mean, I like nice weather as much as the next gal, but (as long as it’s not cold), I like the rain and mud, too. A lot.

Maybe I should be thankful, though. I’m still working out brake issues from Fool’s Gold. I removed the Formulas from the One9 since the pistons were sticky. I called Formula up, and they said to take everything apart, clean and lube it, then re-assemble. I’ll get to it eventually, so I’m just going to rock the ElixrCRs this weekend, though they could use a little cleaning up also.

I’m tempted to say “eff it all” and just put BB7s on both bikes.

2 thoughts on “SM100

  1. couldn’t imagine going back to mechanical brakes on the mtb. been running marta sl’s on my bike for about 4to5 years with very very little issues. the little alan head fixing bolt for the pads froze up and snapped once but slotted the backside and got it out. i’m wanting my road bike and cross bike to go hydro.

    my xtr hydro’s used to stick a bit. would just drop the wheel out and squeeze the lever just far enough to make the pistons come out but not fall out and would clean the sides with rubbing alcohol and a q-tip. that did the trick with those for a little while.

    good luck at the final endurance race for your season!

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