After a few years of training on the road with a powermeter, I finally ponied up and bought a powertap mountain bike hub. I wanted to go as light as practical, so I built it up with a Stan’s Crest rim and DT Aerolite Spokes (still went with brass nipples, though). At first, I put a cassette on it and put it on my geared bike. However, after a little thought, I realized that I won’t really be riding the geared bike much in the upcoming week or two. So, I pulled the cassette, slapped a 21t cog (for Syllamo next week), and put it on my singlespeed.

Boom. Winning.

3 thoughts on “Powertap

  1. Awesome set-up you have there. I’ve been considering a power tap for my single speed. Do you feel like the power tap hub is a good training tool on a single speed? It seems like one would ‘spin out’ too much to use
    the hub to it’s full potential. Thanks!

  2. I haven’t had a single speed cog on any high end hubs…how have your splines held up when you just use a cog instead of a cassette? I’m thinking about a set of wheels using the Hope hubs and wondered if the regular hub is stout enough or if I should go for the (much heavier) singlespeed/trials hub. Thanks!

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