For Sale: Rotor Singlespeed Q-Ring- $90

If you’ve ever wondered about Rotor rings, here’s their information:
In my educated opinion, the research sounds plausible. To dispel the myths ahead of time, these are NOT re-visited “biopace” chainrings, nor does it require the use of a chain tensioner.

I tried this out last year and decided that I prefer a round chainring- mostly because the larger diameter section of the Q-Ring would not clear my A9C frame unless the EBB was set in the most forward position. I felt that the Q-Ring shape was most beneficial on flats where I was almost spun out- I definitely noticed that my heart rate was lower than when almost spun out on a round ring. I only used it for a couple of months, so it’s in very good condition.

This is the non-ramped singlespeed version- 34t/104bcd. Retail is $135


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