Blogger Shenanigans

You may remember my post-SouthernX trip to the Southeastern Bike Expo a few weeks ago.

In my early-Sunday morning attempt to pack my bags without disturbing Dicky’s hangover by using the hotel room lights, I accidentally packed his Bike29 shirt in with my stuff. I let him know that I’d send it back to him, washed and unharmed, but that I’d likely corrupt it otherwise prior to sending it back.

#1: cat bed


#2: I can’t post it here. It involved a large, purple rubber object that a former teammate of mine found on the side of the road. Use your imagination.


#3: Poolboy Matt loin cloth


#4: Turbo shirt


#5a: also not postable here. It involved me wearing the shirt in a manner that Dicky thought may stretch it out in a way that doesn’t conform to his body.


#5b: the finale… wet T-shirt contest. Miller High Life was involved (photo courtesy of Ryan)


With the shirt now thoroughly corrupted, it’s currently in the washing machine. I’ll ship it back this week… unless, of course, someone comments with any more shirt-corrupting ideas.


2 thoughts on “Blogger Shenanigans

  1. Bring it to Cohutta. I’ll use it to clean the vomit and sweat off myself after I DNF. He can wait to get it back.

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