Settling In

Now that I’ve surpassed both pre-Thanksgiving stress and during-Thanksgiving injury, I’m finally getting into a training/resting/other stuff routine (other stuff includes eating, cleaning, errand-running, and/or a multitude of other 30-60min tasks. It’s taken a couple of weeks to generally classify days under one of two schedules: 1) yoga, errands, snack, ride, lunch, clean, kick back, dinner prep; or 2)ride, lunch, kick back, other stuff, dinner prep.

Of course, there are exceptions, like today, where I went to the store at 6:00am, met with Joe & Joel at Outdoors, Inc. headquarters at 10 to sort through some of the details of 2013 sponsorship, then came home around 11:30, snacked, rode, and now I’m eating some leftover sweet potato chili for lunch before I watch some terrible daytime TV and take a nap before I get up, maybe do some race-prep for Journey Cross, then start on dinner.

I have to say, it’s an interesting slice of psychology to undergo stress from having your normal routine flipped onto its head- even when it’s for super-awesome reasons. I can’t say I wasn’t going a little nuts at first, but I’m getting more comfortable with it day-by-day. The post-ride eating and rest feels vital to survival at this point, seeing as Coach has increased the volume of intervals during my training. I feel a nap coming on.