Yesterday, I started realizing the importance of post-workout recovery. Not that I didn’t know it was important before I started doing more of it, but it’s become much more apparent this week. My training schedule wasn’t too crazy- 4 of 7 days dedicated to intervals (though the number of intervals performed during each workout has increased vs. my previous training). Like I mentioned in my previous post, I generally get home, eat, and rest a little while following each workout.

Lo and behold, yesterday I get to interval workout #4 of the week, and I am banging out 3 minute power numbers as if I’m NOT at the end of a hard-ish training week.

On the commute home, I thought of training as being like a savings account. Every interval is a deposit into the account. The harder I make it, the bigger the deposit. Then, good recovery following a workout is like raising the interest rate on the account. The outcome of bigger deposits and higher interest is more money… er, speed.

Then, later on that afternoon, I lit a starbucks cup on fire in my driveway with a propane torch. Pro Gold towels aren’t as flammable as you’d think they are.


My first “big” test of the CX season is the Tennessee State Championship next weekend. I’ve generally been avoiding the Tennessee races because they are further away and a lot of them are single race weekends. So, I’m not totally sure about what to expect, competition-wise. I know that there are more fast women than what I’ve seen so far this season, so it should be a good one.