2 Weeks In

Two weeks in to the “no work” adventure (the initial pre/immediately-post time period doesn’t count since I was busy taking care of everyone else and being injured), and, not only have a settled into a routine, but it’s becoming apparent that even in such a short period of time, it’s paying off.

A lot of people have asked how my training has changed. Well, it’s just hard. To give you an example, I got on the trainer Tuesday night to do a 2nd interval workout of the day (and 6th in the span of 8 days). With State Championships this weekend, it was my last hard training before a series of recovery/tune-up workouts to get prepped for Sunday.

Actually, I didn’t do a recovery ride on Wednesday like I was scheduled. I’m still confounded by how every day seems to be a complete time vacuum, and ended up doing what I’d been putting off for several days- a lot of laundry and shopping for new bedroom furniture. Success on both fronts- the clothes are clean, and new furniture (including Tempurpedic Rhapsody mattress) will be delivered on Tuesday!

Yesterday was a Z5 “tune up” during which I realized that I’m going to go fast this weekend. I also finalized the design on the Brickhouse Racing kit from Nimblewear. Micheal from S2N Design helped (and by “helped,” I mean “did all of the work”) turn my loud, purple dreams into a houndstooth reality. Here’s a proof, though the computer screen doesn’t get the colors right AT ALL. The purple and pink are much deeper and darker on the real thing:

Today is another recovery day, to be spent going to yoga, shopping for new sheets, and cleaning the bedroom out enough that I can get the carpet steam cleaned on Monday. Onward & upward!

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  1. Kit looks great. One recommendation on the next order, turn the ‘Pedal Dam It’ logo on the leg upside down.

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