I need help picking colors for two Industry Nine wheelsets.

The easier one will be a mountain wheelset– the type with the baller I9 hubs & spokes and a black aluminum rim (the rim I’ll get is not a stan’s rim as pictured in the link, but the other options are the same). I’ve already settled on purple hubs, but the spokes, I’m not 100% sure on. I was thinking that black, gold, and purple should all be included, though I’m not sure as to what extent. My bikes are black (Air 9 RDO) and black & white (Air 9 CYA SS), and my kit will be purple and black.

The one I can’t make up my mind about is the road wheelset. Once again, I’ll have my choice of I9 hub color, but the spoke options are either black or silver with whatever color nipples I’d like as well as either black or silver for the rim. I want flashy without trashy, and this is the bike they’ll be used on most of the time:

Don’t say red. Red is way overdone.

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  1. I’ve been wanting a set of I9’s for a while now…

    on that road bike I’d go all black everything… Without being able to change up the spoke color your options are pretty limited. I was thinking at first alternating black spoke/silver nipple,silver spoke/ black nipple, etc… since you can’t really see people that are going that fast anyway,and i think I heard black is faster.


  2. Keep it classy:) I like silver spokes, all classic on everything and then the nipples or the hub(not BOTH) can be whatever color you want….some of you in the wheels but not too much flash that you can’t sell them down the line….

  3. Mountain wheels-black rims and you’ve already picked out Prince Purple HUUBS, you should definitely do black spokes to offset bike colors. Prince would certainly match the purple with a white blouse, but I digress.

    Road wheels-Black hubs, black rims, and red spokes to play off the decals. A-Team style. I pitty da fool dat don’t tink dis is kewl.

    If your wheels are Princetastic, maybe he’ll make you pancakes the next time your in Minnesota.

  4. Those wheels should be spinning so fast that no one is gonna see the color, they’ll just look blurry. Save the bling look for white (or red) seatpost, stem, bars or seat.

  5. Black DT Aero Spokes with matching purple nipples to match your hubs and kit. It will look good on the start line.That will leave a lasting impression since that will be the last time they see you :)

  6. Black DT Swiss Aero spokes and purple nipples to match your hubs and kit. It will look good on the starting line since that will be the last time they see you. :)

  7. Black hubs, black spokes w/red nipples. It’ll be stealthy looking, especially on that frame! Like Kit on Night Rider! Hey, it was good enough for Hasselhoff!

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