Day 13- Fruita First Day

Despite plenty of beer-drinking and fireworks-watching after the Natz race, Ryan and I were up early again on the 5th to strike camp and head to Fruita in order to escape cold nights and high altitude of Breck.

Our first stop was Over the Edge Sports in Downtown Fruita. When I was searching for info about the area, I found that they are responsible for a lot of what is there trail-wise, and they’re good for advice on where to ride and camp. I also needed to get my singlespeed wheels trued since I’d abused them a little during the race.

They were helpful, though I’ll be nice and just say that the mechanic was kinda grouchy. I guess I’m just used to the nice mechanics in Memphis that don’t act like they’re doing me a favor by getting paid to work on my bike.

We decided to go out to the Bookcliffs area where you can camp for free smack in the middle of a great trail system. Using the trail guide, Ryan planned out a solid 15 mile route that would take us through all but a couple of the trails. The trails were interesting- a lot of flowy, banked stuff, but also a lot of short, steep (~30%) ascents and descents. Thanks to the “Zippety-do-dah” trail, I quickly learned to NOT go around every corner with a full head of steam, lest the trail drop away from me in an unexpected direction on the other side… lots of swings between grinning and puckering…

3 thoughts on “Day 13- Fruita First Day

  1. Make sure to do Marys loop, Horsethief, and Steves loop in Loma. Grand junction trails are awesome. Gunny loop is a good one, take pete-kees up.
    That bike ship in Fruita is a joke, they think they invented mt.biking.
    I live here so email if you have any questions.

  2. That is somewhat amusing as I crashed and nearly went off the cliff on Zippety coming over the top of a ridge a little too hot and realizing the trail was going in a different direction than I was ;)

    Awesome blogging from your trip btw!

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